Chicken Watch 2016

Watch our batch of eggs hatch and grow!

  • They're Back!

    Posted: 11/07/16
    The Chicks are Back in Town!
  • Eggstra News!

    Posted: 09/07/16
    Last Arrivals.
  • What a difference an hour makes

    Posted: 06/07/16
    What - More!
  • Jack Hunt has a Princess!

    Posted: 06/07/16

    The Force Is Finally With Her!!!

  • Eggciting news!

    Posted: 06/07/16
    It's happening now!
  • They've Arrived!

    Posted: 04/07/16

    10am and the the Eggs have arrived. The lady has told us they should hatch by Wednesday.  We've already had our first visit from students and they've been learning about how we know these eggs will hatch and when they will hatch.  

    see if you can be the first to spot the eggs wobble!

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