Announcement - Celebration Day 2014

Throughout the year, we praise and reward our students to help reinforce our values and expectations.  Celebration Day is a chance to say a really big ‘Well Done’ to all of our pupils by offering the chance to try new activities or choose an out of school trip.  Watch the video to find out more about this years activities and how students can book their place.

We have set up a booking area on the Kite Learning Platform where students will be able to find out about this years activities and book their space.  Bookings must be by 17 January 2014 at the very latest so please consider the options and discuss them with friends and family over the Christmas holidays so that you can book as soon as possible.  

This year we have changed the way the trips are arranged, booking earlier will allow us to finalise numbers before booking coaches and venues and therefore we do not need to limit the number of students on each trip.  

Once booked, we will be taking payments between 30 Jan and 7 March 2014.