Sports Festival Day!

Dear All,

Today has been yet another busy and exciting day!

More text goes here.We woke at 6.20 to join the Gold Apple students for their morning aerobics lesson! I think that our students were a bit  bleary eyed, but they soon got into the swing of dancing ‘Gold Apple Style’ to the tune of Gangnam style! However all the staff seemed to have an urgent need to video or photograph the whole event so unfortunately missed out!

After breakfast students went into lessons with Gold Apple students to get a taste of authentic Chinese (international) lessons. The first lesson however was a geography lesson led by Mrs Pidoux where the students looked at the makeup of the United Kingdom and the Peterborough region. Also students had maths and economics lesson. With such an early start it was an even earlier lunch – 11.05. The students are getting much more adventurous with the food and moving away from the more western options. The noodle soup seems to be especially popular. Especially for Mr O’Connor and myself who seem to be given a triple helping!

The real highlight of the day was the sports festival. We ran our first festival here last year and as with many things on this programme they have a habit of growing and developing in scale and importance. We had 150 grade 2 students (8 years old) taking part in a festival revolving around 7 different sporting challenges. The sport was led by ‘games makers’ (I hope that this term is not copyright!) also sports leaders supported the primary students in competing in the events. The festival lasted for 3 hours in all, and there were smiling faces all around from the participants as well as the leaders.

A TV crew arrived to record a feature on this for the Pudong News Channel so Jayden, Darcy and I were all interviewed for this. There was also a visit by the Pudong Educational Department, who were keen to see the festival in action and them have a meeting with me to look at how the partnership has grown and developed. They were really impressed with what they saw, especially with the Gold Apple Students and our students working so well together.



After the festival Mrs Dingle led an evaluation session and so the students could reflect upon what helped the event go so well and also what we could do to develop it further next year. A huge thanks must go to Mrs Dingle as her input and expertise on this is amazing and I know that without her this event would not run as well as it did.

After such a long day we were ready to relax, however first had to spend some time planning the English and Dodgeball lessons that we are teaching on Saturday morning… yes Saturday. We are all going to be in school and working!

As a group of staff we end up having a meeting with Eileen, our link teacher from the Gold Apple School, each evening after the students have gone to bed. These are quite late meetings, often lasting until after 11 pm when we plan and develop the activities that are coming up. As you can imagine in these meeting we are quite tired after a very busy day. Somehow in a meeting two days ago I seem to have agreed to teach a model English lesson on Saturday morning to a class of 8 year old students! I also seem to have agreed that some Chinese teachers could come in and observe see how such a lesson would be taught. Today I was told that there would be 40 teachers coming to observe the lesson! This has given my colleagues a great deal of enjoyment! Any ideas welcome please!!

After many days of lessons and school based activities we are going out tomorrow to see some of the sights of Shanghai, and in the evening the Acrobatics show. We are all looking forward to this.

I hope that you will have received some emails from your sons / daughters this evening as we were able to get into the IT room.

Best wishes form a warmer Shanghai now.

Martin Barwise

Assistant Headteacher