Fond Farewells

Dear All,

Today was the day for students to go on their homestay. Also the last day that we will see the Gold Apple Students as they have a 5 day Labour Day holiday.

This morning we had the farewell meeting and show. This is a real celebration of the strength of the partnership and to remind ourselves about what we are all gaining from our visit to China and the return visit to Peterborough by the Gold Apple students, in July this year.

In my speech I noted how impressed I have been with the development of the students leadership skills. It is strange to think that it was a couple of months ago when Mrs Dingle and I ran the leadership training day at Jack Hunt for the students, and now to see them confidently and happily teaching English and dodge ball, running sports festivals and attending lessons in another country is very rewarding. They have developed into really strong leaders.

Angel gave a very good speech too, thanking the Gold Apple school and the students for making us so welcome, and outlining what she personally has gained from the visit.

The show demonstrated the great range of talent that our students have, Jess played the piano to accompany Kiri and Kimberly singing. Ayesha played the piano and sang. Archie impressed us all with his footballing skills. Mr O’Connor and I were called upon, with the assistance of some of our students, to perform a limbo dancing game. If anyone knows a good chiropractor please let us know! The Gold Apple students entertained us with singing and songs played on a traditional flute.

The finale was the when a small group of GA students danced to Gangnam Style, joined by 2 dinosaurs, a cow and Pikachu (?) in fact Tom, Charlie, Jess and Ayesha in their new onsies! Soon all were up and dancing. After lunch they headed off onto homestay.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day. I don’t know where the time has gone. I am hoping that with all that we have done it should be a peaceful flight home! We are all feeling tired after a busy trip. I think that I must also be looking tired, this was reinforced in a meeting today I was asked if I was soon to be retiring soon!

I have attached a few photos, but seem to be unable to locate the limbo dancing shots!

Best wishes,

Martin Barwise