Tuesday 2nd July - A Memorable Visit

The students arrived bright and early at Jack Hunt in preparation for meeting the Mayor of Peterborough. All of the students involved in the exchange had been invited along. This meant 20 students from the Gold Apple, 20 students from Jack Hunt School and 2 students from Sir John Fisher headed to town hall.

The Mayor met the students in two groups, they were given a tour of the Mayors Parlour and were seated in the council chambers. Students were given the chance to dress in the Mayor’s robes and sit in the Councillors seats. Councillor June Stokes discussed her role and was able to answer any questions the students had. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students and one I am sure they will remember.

When the Gold Apple students returned back to school they attended lessons with some year 10 students. This involved going to a range of lessons which included Maths, Science, PE and Geography. They als

o attended tutor time with their host student giving them the chance to meet other students in the tutor group. The Gold Apple students found out that lessons in the UK are completely different, here the students move around and the teacher stays in the same place, at the Gold Apple it is the teacher who moves but the students who stay in the same class.

After lunch in the canteen the students had a practice run through of the festival they will be leading to the year 3 students from Thorpe

and Longthorpe. This was the first chance the students from all three schools had to work together since the trip in April, they were able to effectively organise themselves into different activities and practice their delivery to students in the group. All students worked really well and I look forward to seeing a successful festival next Friday. 

The evening was a chance to relax and allow the students to spend time with their host families.