What a Busy Day!

First stop: Versailles.  We had plenty to see and visit there.  We started with the town and the market place where we browsed the different stalls and worked up an appetite for lunch. A visit to Quick! (a local fast food chain) for most students, teachers chose a more cultural experience with some crêpes.  We then made our way to the Palace of Versailles.  We toured the gardens first.  We had some great picture opportunities!  We had booked a visit of the Palace itself at half past two.  This is the Palace that beats Buckingham palace to a shed! Or so some of the students said.  It was crowded but really worth the visit.  The rooms were a flamboyant mix of gold leafed ceilings and paintings.  The hall of mirrors lives up to its name, the king’s chamber with its not so secret door to the queen’s chamber gave us a little insight into the lives and intrigues of the French aristocracy of the time.  The visit left us tired with all the walking but happy! 


Time to go back to the hostel for a rest… or so we thought!  Time for our second stop: Notre Dame: another very famous landmark which is celebrating its 850 years this year.  More picture taking before we really make it back to the hostel for a little rest before dinner.  Tonight, we had a pizza picnic in the park nearby which was perfect after a long day.  The teachers were easily convinced that what we needed was a last quick visit to the Eiffel Tower.  We got there in plenty of time to take yet more pictures!  


Best bits so far… Let’s ask some of our students

“Spending some quality time with my form tutor” – Anonymous

‘’The Eiffel Tower’’ – Ihsaan

"Looking at the architectural structure and interior design of chateau Versailles" J Utsab

"One of the most beautiful views seen so far, quality pictures for memories to be kept"  Jordy

Tomorrow’s instalment: Visit to the Champs Elysées and the Louvre Museum, à suivre…