Safe Arrival & Exciting First Day

We arrived at Heathrow in good time and the girls spent time rubbing shoulders with the VIP’s  - Bertie Bassett and Harry Rednapp, only managed a photo with one of them!

The flight was 10 hours, not a great deal of sleep was had so glad to have landed in Shanghai, to heavy rain. We were met and taken to the Gold Apple School, where we dropped bags off in rooms and had some lunch – noodle soup. Then off to Tian Ze Fang, this is a very old and historic part of the city so we wandered the streets and looked in the art galleries, it was good to be out and about and see some of the city, although the impressive skyscrapers of Pudong were only half visible due to the low cloud. The rain held off so we were fine wandering the streets.

Back at school this afternoon we were treated to a ‘welcome ceremony’ some impressive Irish tap dancing and a variety of speeches given to welcome us, as seems usual I was given 15 seconds notice to prepare a speech in return!  We had a meal with staff and students from the school, it was really good for our students to meet with their host students and get to know them.

After dinner we had a walk to the supermarket where the students have stocked up on lots of healthy snacks, fruit etc!!!!!

Tomorrow we have a tour of the school and then into lessons, I found out this afternoon that I am again teaching an English lesson tomorrow so have a bit of thinking and planning to do in the morning, thanks Mr Smith for putting me forward to teach a model lesson!

It has been great to meet up with old friends in what is the 8th year of Partnership and our 6th exchange.  Johnson Jiang, the Principal has been very welcoming as has Cora Lv, from the Pu Dong Education Bureau, she is keen to further develop our project links. Cici is our link teacher again this year, her second year, she has put a great programme together. Although Mr Smith was a little put out when she commented that he had put on weight since last year!

Some pictures attached of what has been a very long and exciting first day.