A Busy But Fun Day in the Classroom

It seems that we have avoided jet lag! Perhaps due to the very busy day yesterday but we all seemed to sleep well, and the students all jumped out of bed ready to start the day at 6.15… well perhaps a few needed a bit more encouragement to get up!

Breakfast is always interesting, today it was bread, spring rolls and steamed dumplings.

We spent the day at the Gold Apple school today, starting with a tour of the school, the gardens and the buildings, I think students are impressed by the scale and size of the  school, the four 8 story teaching blocks and 16 story accommodation blocks makes Jack Hunt seem quite small in comparison! After the tour the students were feeling a bit tired, but a game of ‘extreme rock, paper, Scissors’ got them all active and wide awake! We then went to some lessons, what is great this year is that the lessons all actively involve our students, so today they were playing along in the music lessons, even then joining in with the dancing, and creating Chinese food from play-doh in an art class. After lunch students were in science and English lesson, again very actively taking part.

After Lunch Mrs Charlton and I taught lessons on English Culture, Mrs Charlton had created a great lesson ‘Culture in a box’ where students work together to identify things that are typically part of  English and Chinese Culture. Lots of opportunity for discussion and images of the Queen, Big Ben etc. Mrs Charlton’s class were aged 7.  I was somewhat surprised when in my group – aged 12,  in response to my question ‘Can you tell me something that you think is typically British?’ One students stood up and said ‘Beer festivals’. With a bit of further questioning it transpired that all the students knew about beer festivals!

As a bilingual school the students have lessons delivered in English as well as Chinese, and some speak very good English, the younger students less so, but as we go around the school they are all very keen to try out their English. We have met several students who have been to Jack Hunt on visits over the years, and today spoke with Cheryl – who came to Jack Hunt 2 years ago and played the flute in our summer concert, she is heading to Nottingham University next September to read music and is still in contact with her host family from Jack Hunt. It is great to see how these links have developed and grown.

This afternoon also allowed students to work alongside Chinese students to plan the sports festival, Mr Smith got them all actively planning and discussing what we are doing and then all fed back to the group to ensure that things are well planned and run smoothly.

Students prepared their own dinner tonight, making traditional Chinese dumplings that were then cooked for us. After a very busy day we have had a relaxing evening, students have been socialising and playing football, shortly heading to bed as we have a busy day tomorrow, seeing some of the sights of Shanghai and trying out our bartering skills as we buy waving cats!