Shanghai Day and Night

As the days go on the breakfasts are becoming easier for the students. This morning was churros, bread, egg and dumplings, which seemed to go down pretty well.

We departed for Downtown Shanghai with our coach and tour guide Alex at 8am and headed for the Science and Technology museum. A journey that is only 6 stops away on the Underground, took 1 hour 20 minutes in early morning rush hour traffic. The students were in good spirits though and looking forward to a day’s sightseeing. The museum is an impressive building with many interactive zones for visitors to have a go at. Including a Space, Health and Body, Animal, Spiders and Robots zone. One key attraction was the gyroscope which astronauts use to practice tasks before missions.  Some of the students had good fun on here! Once again other visitors were not only taking pictures of the attractions, but our students were again highlights of their trip and felt like celebrities with the amount of pictures they had taken.

Lunch today was the Chinese special of Chicken popcorn and chips, followed by an ice cream which the students were extremely pleased with! From here we went for a quick trip into the local flea markets where the student had an opportunity to use some of their bartering skills picking up some ‘RayBan glasses, T-Shirts and Beats Headphones’ well, Chinese equivalents.

Back on the coach and a short journey over to the Oriental Pearl Tower. A real highlight of the trip, standing 468m tall although not the tallest building in the city. The students make their way up to the viewing tower to take in a 360 degree view of the city, followed by  walk on the glass floor around the building. Once again, many other visitors wanted pictures with our students rather than the Shanghai Skyline. On our way down we stopped to look at the world’s tallest building picture, which included Eifel Tower, CN Tower and various others.  Question of the day from one student - ‘So are all of these buildings in Shanghai?'

From here we walked down to the water front to look back at the city skyline for some photos. With it being such a warm and sunny day, Mr Barwise and myself thought it be a good idea to lead by example and purchased a hat and sunglasses each. We thought nothing of it however the students were embarrassed and found it extremely funny to poke fun at our designer purchases. I might add, though no one else even looked twice.

For our evening meal we all sat around 2 big ‘lazy Susan’ tables and indulged in various tasty Chinese food with; soups, vegetables, rice, noodles, tofu dishes and meat dishes. We had an hour to relax a little before heading over to the jetty and boarding for a twilight river cruise along the Hang Pu River to see Shanghai lit up at night. The cruise lasts around an hour, and was a great opportunity for some group photos.

The students are all back in their rooms now (9.30pm) getting some much needed rest after walking around 15kms today. Tomorrow they will be teaching their first lesson of dodgeball to the students at Pu Xing Middle School. Later in the afternoon they will pack their weekend bags and head home with their hosts for the weekend.

Mr Smith