Middle School Fun

Day 4 was another 7.15 breakfast before jumping on the bus and heading over to Pu Xing Middle school.  Sophie was really looking forward to catching up with students who she had hosted last summer.  Pu Xing middle school is a state run school that has a specialism in ceramics.  The students would also be teaching their first dodgeball lesson to a class of students.


Teaching the lesson was the first activity of the day.  The students were split into their 4 teams and all had a job within that team. Some students led warm ups, some led skills practices while others tried explaining the rules of dodgeball. Within 15 minutes all of the middle school students were active and enjoying a fun practice game! Our students were outstanding in their organisation, communication, enthusiasm and delivery of the activities they had planned! After the skills practices they organised a round robin tournament where each of the groups they had been working with played against each other. The eventual winners were Praise, Omar and Alfie’s team. In true sporting fashion we then had to play an inter-school, international dodgeball match, with Jack Hunt victorious. Both Pu Xing and Jack Hunt Students were fabulous with communication and working together!  


Dodgeball was followed by a ceramics lesson. All of the students were given a small vase to design and decorate however they wanted and will be bring them home with them. From here it was onto a woodwork lesson. Here the students worked in small teams to follow instructions and create a ‘Burr Puzzle’. Quite a frustrating 3D puzzle and something that only Dawood managed to complete. A lunch of rice, curry, vegetables, egg, soup and breaded fish was served, which the students really enjoyed!


In the afternoon we drove over to Gaoqiao a quaint little traditional Chinese town. The students walked through a number of traditional buildings and looked at various tapestry and paintings. We were joined by some of the students from Pu Xing school who again were able to help translate and show our students around.


We returned to school at 4pm which allowed the students enough time to pack for their homestay weekend. The students from Gold Apple School had been away on an overnight spring trip, and were unfortunately held up in Friday night traffic. This allowed for time to walk to the supermarket and an opportunity for students to stock up on any essentials, mainly Oreos and pringles! The students were met by their host families and were all happily on their way home by 6.30. Omar was happy as is hosts owned a restaurant. The families were due to meet up and have a BBQ over the weekend, however the weather on Saturday did not look favourable.


Looking forward to seeing them all again tomorrow with all their tales of their homestay adventures.