And They're Back!

Our afternoon peace was shattered today by excited screaming as the girls returned from homestay! Over the next hour they all returned back to school, very excited and well rested, and especially well fed after what seems to have been a very successful homestay. They have been to  restaurants, theme parks, arcades, shopping centres and parks. They have stayed in some amazing homes, one with 5 levels and a lift! They have been really well looked after by the host families and had a chance to have a rest after what has been a very busy first week. 

As for the staff. We have had the chance to see some of the sights of Shanghai without having to do head counts! We also managed to meet up with Eileen, who was our link teacher at The Gold Apple School for 4 years, and is now working at another international school in the city. 

This evening we have prepared for the flag raising ceremony, all the school will be out on the field for the Chinese and UK flags to be raised and national anthems sung. Two of our students will be raising our flag and two will give a small speech.  Students are then  going to lessons with the Gold Apple school students.  

To try and use up some of the students energy we have participated in Mr Smith’s Pub Quiz (without the pub) only a music round and far too modern for Mr Barwise to know any of the songs. It was a closely fought competition but Alfie, Ellie, Oliver B, and Jamie were victorious and win the tube of seaweed flavoured pringles! 

So this is just a short update, to let you know that they are all back with us and full of excitement. We are looking forward to a very  busy week.