A Quiet Day in Zhujiajia

An early start this morning for Dawood, Oliver A, Will and Mr Smith – a 5.30am 4km run before waking the other students, Mr Barwise and Mrs Charlton up at 6.15. A quick breakfast and we were on our way to Zhujiajia around a 1 hour 45 minute coach journey. The journey was extremely quiet as most students were catching up on some sleep and rest after an exhausting day of teaching yesterday. Zhujiajia is an ancient water town in the suburbs of Shanghai and home to various famous tourist attractions including the beautiful Kezhi gardens, Tong Tian He Chinese pharmacy and Zhujiajia Museum of humanities and arts.

The ancient town is dissected by a number of waterways and narrow lanes edged by numerous gift and souvenir curio shops and cafes. We wandered through the narrow streets and sat for a morning break in the Kezhi gardens. A packed snack from the Gold Apple School that included ’Ethnican Flavor’ crisps, Cakes and Sweets and a tea cooked black hardboiled egg, which didn’t go down well at all. We continued the walk through the town stopping at the numerous shops for the students to pick up some final souvenirs and photo opportunities.  After lunch (relatively western food) we continued through the streets and came across a ‘Doctor Fish Spa’ (See photos) many of the students wanted to experience the little fish nibbling hard and dead skin from the bottom of their feet. After much laughter and screams, everyone had settled in for the 20 minute session with the doctor fish – Some students had larger fish than others and claims of ‘Its bitten my little toe off’ were heard!!!!! Other students went off for another chance to shop with Mr Barwise. We then headed back to the coach and back to the Gold Apple School for tea.

This evening the students have had an opportunity for a rest, before the final day in the Gold Apple School tomorrow. They will be taking part in some traditional Chinese culture lessons, including a martial arts lesson and also teaching English to some primary children, before their farewell party tomorrow evening.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day.