Blog Day 2 – Gareth’s Watch (Team 2 Special)

Watch leader Georgia took it upon herself to wake up the boys with two baking trays (Josh and Aroon) after an ‘interesting’ night sleep! We then had breakfast which was scrambled egg and crumpets made by Team 2 Special… it was very tasty with Olivia’s eggscellent cookery skills she learned in year 7. Next our morning chores included cleaning the downstairs cabins, winching up the sails, adjusting the ropes and setting up on deck. The weather was not so kind to us today giving us our first real experience of wind and rain at sea. The wind was so strong, Moses lost his footing and almost fell in! Lucky he had his safety cable attached! During the afternoon, Ryan, Cassidy, Aroon, Olivia and Denim took up the challenge of steering the boat. An unexpected gust of wind almost tipped us over :-( We then had to tackle lunch and Team 2 Special ended up looking paler than the pasties after washing up below deck as we continued through the choppy waters. After practicing 27 times the crew have become masters of the tack with a little energy left over for on-board ballet and whipping the cream for tonights Eton Mess. We then had some free time in ‘exciting’ Yarmouth. We had a chance to buy some biscuits (yippee!). We are looking forward to having fish and chips tomorrow in Poole.

Miss Hinch (Char), Olivia, Ryan, Ella, Maisie, Aroon