Day 3 Blog – The Too Tired to Type (Mr Davison & Miss Hinch)

 Breakfast was a gourmet setting of the finest rolled oats and honeyed flakes accompanied by a luxurious silken yoghurt (Weetabix and yoghurt). With breakfast stowed the team came above decks to all pitch in to finish off the setting up of the boat ready for the next leg of our voyage. Before we hit open water though we were to have our first inter-boat competition, the raising of the main sail. As we pulled alongside the other two boats tensions were high, countdown came over the radio and with the call of zero the race was on. With the whole crew pulling, sweating and working together we were victorious over the losers (The Voyager and OBA). With the win in the bag we set sail for Poole. A relaxed crossing as we skirted inclement weather through the astute helmsmanship of Miss Hinch and Mr Davison (under the professional guide of the professional Gareth, who was far more professional than us). As we progressed we came across another vessel in need of assistance as they ran their overboard drills but try as we might we could not steal…help their buoy in distress! We arrived in Poole as the sun was coming out. Before we were to tuck into our dinner of fish and chips we had one more important challenge to complete. With dedicated focus each team immersed themselves in Pooles tourist jungle in the hope of emerging with the most tacky souvenir. We await the results of the judging with baited breath. To finish off the day we went to the ‘beach’ for a very British dip in our tropical like waters!

Mr Davison & Miss Hinch