Day 4 BLOG- Georgia’s Watch + Olivia

This was an amazing day! First we had a half hour lie in and got up at the glorious time of 8am however some of the lads needed a little assistance getting up so it was time…time to bring out the Crazy Frog. After they had got up we had breakfast of bacon in a roll after the oven had smashed to pieces. L Once the crew was fuelled up it was time for the inter-boat challenge of the dingy race in which the teachers were fab…ish.  We came first WHOO-RAAAHHHHHHH. We then chilled out on the boat in the glorious sun of Poole and took in those rays. Eventually we left port at 1pm and set sail, before we put the main sail up we got the harness out and climbed up the 92ft mast out at sea, the views were spectacular however some of the boys were too busy screaming to take in the views (don’t want to name drop but one starts with A and ends in roon and the other starts with M and ends in oses ). Later on in the day we had an inter-boat race where we came second but we had a moral victory. We then dropped anchor outside of Cowes and had a dance off on deck where Watch Leader Georgia and Josh did the sardine and the jelly fish up and down the length of the boat, after that we ate lots of custard and ice-cream. Now we are off to get ready for the night sail… Apologies for the delay but having been anchored off shore we had no wi-fi. We are now safely docked in Portsmouth after a fantastic night crossing that was an awesomely chilled way to finish off the voyage.

As a final word we would also like to thank Julian, Amy, Gareth and Georgia for all their help, support, patience, guidance, humour and hard work. A massive thank you to them.

Josh. C, Olivia & Georgia