China Exchange 2017

  • Day 9 Suzhou

    Posted: 30/03/17

    After a busy few days in schools today was a day to get out and about and see some more of China! We had breakfast and then in Chinese style had the students running a lap of the athletics track before they got on the bus and we headed to Suzhou, this is a very ancient ‘small town’ (only 6 million people!) in Jiangsu Province, driving for two hours we never really seemed to get out of built up urban areas. The journey was peaceful, with our early start  - getting up at 6 am, most fell asleep soon after getting on the coach! We seem to have now reached the stage that any opportunity to sleep is taken!

  • Day 8 - Sports Festival Day!

    Posted: 29/03/17

    Today was our final full day at the Gold Apple School as Wednesday and Thursday are both days for sightseeing. The 6.30am wake-up call this morning was the most challenging so far, with 13 students absolutely ‘Zonked’ out. Mr Smith found that playing loud music into their rooms slowly encouraged them to wake up, while Mrs Wheatley nearly had to knock the girls door down before they heard her. 

  • Day 7 - A Week in Shanghai

    Posted: 28/03/17

    Our second week started with bright sunshine and warm weather. Quite a change to what we’ve been experiencing. Today was a full on busy day of teaching for the students and started with, what has become our regular breakfast of spring rolls, cold fried egg and a choice of steamed dumplings, with sweet milk to drink. 

  • Return from Homestay

    Posted: 27/03/17

    Just a short blog post to say that all are safely back from homestay. Over the course of the later afternoon to evening they arrived back, laden with gifts and clearly well fed and well rested. They have been to markets, shops, restaurants, theme parks, strawberry farms, cake making & gardens. They have had a great time and have been so well looked after by the host families and their host students, I think that some lifelong friendships have been forged.

  • Day 4 - Some Inspiring Lessons

    Posted: 24/03/17

    Today we were in lessons for the morning and saw a real range.

  • Day 3 - Sightseeing in Shanghai

    Posted: 24/03/17

    All students slept well again, however the Jet lag really seemed to kick in with Mr Smith and Mr Barwise, who’s bodies decided that yet again 4am was the best time to wake up. Today was a full on day of sightseeing and over breakfast; Vegetable spring rolls, meat dumplings, cold fried egg and churros, the students were excitedly discussing their shopping lists for the visit to the flea market.

  • Day 2 - Pu Xing Middle School

    Posted: 22/03/17

    Today was our first full day in Shanghai, a clear start to the day, but as clouds built the rain began to fall! We have certainly noticed that the weather is different, coming earlier this year, the temperatures are much cooler, the forecast says that it will be warming up this weekend though.

  • We have arrived!

    Posted: 21/03/17

    The 11 hour flight meant ample opportunity to get some much needed rest and sleep before a busy 10 days……… or an opportunity for at least 3 movies and to try not to sleep at all, for most students this was their preferred choice.  We arrived to a bright and sunny yet chilly Shanghai.

  • Day 10 - A Disney Finale!

    Posted: 30/03/17

    Well what a day! A new part of the trip for this year, Disneyland Shanghai. The Principle of the Gold Apple School was very keen that this was added, and too be honest Mr Smith and I were not convinced that it would be so great. Well, happy to be proved wrong! 

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