Day 9 - Homestay

Hello all

I will keep it short and sweet tonight and in tomorrow’s blog, I will get the students to write a short paragraph about their Homestay in their groups. All in all, Homestay has been a huge success so far and the students seem to be loving it! We have heard from very few which is definitely a good sign and those we have heard from are showing amazing courage and just needed to speak to someone they knew I think. We have had pictures from Stephanie of all of our students that parents have sent and I must say they are being looked after so very well.

The staff today have been to Yu Gardens which has lots of shops (where we bumped in to a couple of students) and some traditional gardens. We also spent some time in Tianzifang which is a big touristy area and actually saw a few more western tourists for the first time this trip really. I must say that today is the busiest I have ever seen it in both my visits to China. It is the first day of a 4-day public holiday and the streets were full of locals, Chinese tourists and tourists from all over the world. Due to the Gold Apple School students having exams tomorrow and Friday, some of the staff and students will be back in school and our students will return with them before 8.30am. We have definitely missed them and look forward to hearing all about their once in a lifetime experience!

Thank you

The China Team

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