Students Undertake Charity Skydive

Congratulations to Chyanne Golding (17), Katie Bocking (16) and Tara Forkin (16). On Saturday May 5th, after a short 30 minute training session, they undertook a tandem Skydive to raise money for their local deaf children charity – the PDDCS (Peterborough & District Deaf Children’s Society). The young ladies fell from the skies without a fear. Their deafness presented no barrier to their success because falling from 13000 ft high at 120 mph or more all skydivers depend on the hand signals of the experienced and qualified tandem Instructors.

The young ladies experienced free fall for around 50 seconds. At 5000ft the instructor deployed the parachute and the ladies enjoyed the calm, peaceful movement of the parachute. Upon landing each of them wanted to go again. Taking into account that it was Chyanne’s first ever time on a plane, each of the students were amazingly courageous. Video clips of the skydives will be uploaded to in the coming weeks. Everyone is welcome to check them out.