Desert Island Learning

This Deep Learning Day Year 7 and 8 were stranded on a desert island and had to use skills learnt in all subjects across the curriculum and work collaboratively to fulfil each task. Firstly the students had to find where using their Scientific and Mathematical knowledge and why the plane had crashed by orienteering around the school site to pick up clues. This was followed by working out how to establish a successful island society and an advertising campaign to attract people to experience the unique island experience. Students documented their experiences taking photographs and fantastic displays which resulted in the following winners from each House:

Curie – CLA, CLOC, CMh


Mandela – MSp, MLn, MR




Einstein – ERY, EYG


Brunel – BOr, BGm, BDa


Kennedy – KJA, KKR, MMD

Nightingale NKt, NRw and NCs, NMy, NBz