Art Department News

In the past the Art Department has worked well with a wide range of success’s providing Art based projects centred around traditional drawing, painting and ceramics.  Much of this work is on display our three classrooms showing off the talent we have here in the school.

To make changes and bring the Department to what we envisage will soon be recognised as ‘a state of the Art Department’ still requires a lot of hard work and extreme dedication given by the team and students.  We have converted one large Art room into a PC Suite and a separate state of the Art Digital Photography Studio.  Both have been received and executed well by staff and students, something to be very proud of.

It is planned in time, to include Digital Art and Digital Photography projects into KS3; to launch and deliver an Art & Design Graphics Course at KS4 (offered to Year 9 now) and then offer it at KS5 in two years as progression develops.  Our new Digital Photography Studio offers so much and we plan to include more of the students own photography in their current Art Projects in KS4 & 5.  As we progress, eventually, we want to offer an `Art & Design – Lens and Light based media course` to KS5 students.

The changes made so far have been embraced by all staff with strong emphasis on retained and continued use and development of traditional techniques of art production, alongside new, contemporary digital approaches.  Watch this space as this Department will be like a whirlwind of changes… we have so much planned for 2013 it will truly be an exciting year for Jack Hunt School staff and students to be part of.


2013…The Jack Hunt Art Team, simply a new fresh, keen, motivated and very excited group of staff

Mr Gourley – Curriculum Area Leader for Art and Design

Teacher of Art, Teacher of Art & Design Graphics, Teacher of Digital Photography

Mr Raine - Teacher of Art

Established here at Jack Hunt and an extremely popular member of staff, a skilled teacher and practicing artist, truly a fantastic Painter!  

Miss Shrive -  NQT

terrific newly qualified teacher, organised, enthusiastic offering professional excellence with a wide range of skills.  

Miranda Hawley - Admin

Providing an air of professionalism; unflappable, logical, and diplomatic personal characteristics are what she brings to the team, keeping us all in administrative order!  

Karen Reed – Technician

A newcomer to the team; enthusiastic, organised, forward thinking, great team player, full of inspiration and able to embrace and deliver all that is requested by the team and students!


Tim Gourley, Curriculum Area Leader for Art and Design