Rewarding Students - A Day of Celebration

As the summer hotted up and we neared the end of our final term of this academic year, we embarked on our 7th Annual Celebration Day.  Throughout the year, we praise and reward our students to help reinforce our values and expectations.  Celebration Day is a chance to say a really big ‘Well Done’ to all of our pupils by offering the chance to try new activities or choose an out of school trip.  Activities ranged from alternative sports like climbing and waveboarding, art activities like clay sculpture and screen printing or Indian cookery.  There were 15 trips out this year, a mammoth task to oversee, and excited students headed off to London, Boulogne, Wicksteed Park and Drayton manor to name a few. 

I couldn’t begin to tell you everything that went on during this one magical day but here are just a few accounts of the fantastic experiences that students had:

The art department was buzzing with activity with lots of things going on from Clay Sculpture to Screen Printing, Mask Making, Graphic Arts and Tie Dying.  Mrs Reed described the atmosphere as “electric”.  Students and staff were shocked by the quality of the Clay Sculptures which were produced during a session with Mrs Cliffe.  Mr Raines Screen printing activity revealed some great talent from students and by the end of the task, they had designed and printed their own logo and were discussing how to turn their passion and enthusiasm into a business!  Miss Henning’s Tye Dying left the department awash with colour, with reds, yellows, blues and greens used to produce lovely brightly coloured t-shirts which were dried and ready to take home by the end of a very hot day.

A group of physically disabled students took the train to London and travelling on the underground was a first for most.  Mrs Reeve told us that “British Rail was amazingly helpful, their assistance made it possible to offer this children this trip”.  At the end of their exciting journey, their destination was the London Eye and with such great weather they were rewarded with fantastic views across the Capital City.  The kids told Mrs Reeve it was “the best day ever” and they they all want to do it again next year. 

Miss Swannell took a group of students to Harry Potter Studios.  She described the day as “Awsome”.  As the screen rolled up, they saw the golden doors of Hogwart’s Great Hall which they thought was amazing.  The studios sets, masks and animatronics studio were fabulous especially the life-sized Buckbeak.  The students said they had a brilliant day although they wanted to stay longer and some are keen to go again.

150 Pupils, in 3 coaches descended upon Wicksteed park near Kettering.  Mr Kent who has organised the trip for the past 6 years described it as “the best year yet”  Jack Hunt was the only secondary school in the 150 acre park so there were no queues,  Everyone was able to get on the rides they wanted (even the staff), with some going on again and again.  Everyone had a great time, all the photos are full of laughter and smiles and there was the occasional scream to prove the roller coasters were providing plenty of excitement!  For some of our students, this was a day of firsts, first trip out of school, first time in a canoe, first ride on a roller-coaster or driving a petrol Go-Kart.  It was a tiring but thoroughly enjoyable day, what more could we ask.

Mr Mandin, headed across the English Channel to Boulogne in France.  The weather was glorious, perfect for enjoying a picnic on the walls of the old medieval town.  The students went shopping for souvenirs, baguettes were bought from the boulangerie and their French skills were tested whilst ordering drinks in a café. 

The list of great experiences goes on and we hope that the students have as many great memories as the staff from this year’s Celebration Day.  As a school we are really keen to build on the success of the day and make it even better next year. Well done to everyone involved in organising the day and thank you to everyone, students and staff who made the day an astounding success!