Chinese Students Enjoy Their First Week in UK

 After delays in Shanghai, the students from the Gold Apple School and Puxing Middle School arrived very late on the evening of Monday 29 June for their annual 2 week leadership exchange visit. The scheduled arrival in Peterborough was 9.30pm but they didn't arrive until the early hours of the following morning.  Thankfully host families were ready and waiting in the car park for their arrival. Fortunately it was a pleasant evening, but this meant we had 20 extremely tired Chinese staff and students.

On Tuesday the students arrived at school for the start of the day when they were given a tour by Mandarin speaking Year 12 student Iona Ci and Youth MP Georgina Windsor. For the remainder of the day the Chinese staff and students spent time in various lessons, experiencing British school life. By 7pm Tuesday evening, many of the Chinese students had crashed in their host families beds.

 As leadership is an integral part of the trip, the Chinese students spent time working in Thorpe Primary School on Wednesday. They led 3 classes across Key Stage 2 in various activities including; Diabolo, paper cutting, Calligraphy and teaching the primary students about Chinese culture. Once again the students from Thorpe Primary really enjoyed their visit from the Gold Apple School.

In the evening it was an opportunity for all of the families and students to come together and relax over a picnic and a game of rounders at school. Rounders is a game that many of the Chinese students have never experienced before but picked it up pretty quickly.

 For the second year now we took the Chinese students to Rutland Water to take part in kayaking, raft building and paddle boarding, followed by a BBQ and camping at Wing Hall. Experiencing life outside of the city (especially one the size of Shanghai) is a big thing for many of the students. They did a good job putting up their tents and even helped with the cooking. By 10pm the students were all in their tents shattered and ready for bed. However the relatively early night meant for an extremely early start the next day - 5am. It started with a traditional English (fried) breakfast expertly cooked by Mr Mcaulay, who once again slept under the stars.

Friday afternoon we returned to school for lessons with some of the students going off to experience various indoor lessons, however many of them were keen to take part in the inter-house rounders tournament too.

At the end of a very busy week, the Chinese students went home with their host families to spend the weekend doing activities with them. Many of them were making arrangements to head off to Hunstanton to make the most of the promising weather.

In week two of their stay, the students will be doing lots of sightseeing including, meeting the Mayor of Peterborough on Monday, a trip to London and Cambridge, a day in St John Fisher School plus, a Joint Sports Leadership festival before they head home to Shanghai on Sunday 12 July.