The BBC comes to Jack Hunt!

 Students at Jack Hunt School were treated to a visit from Richard Murrell, World News Director at the BBC on Wednesday 30 September.  Richard told them about how his own career had progressed and gave some insightful advice about how they could prepare themselves for their future.

Using a range of behind the scenes films and interviews with some famous faces from BBC News, Richard brought home to students the importance of the media within society and highlighted their own role within this. Today when everyone has access to mobile technology and social media, we are all ‘citizen journalists’. “This is the most exciting time to be interested in journalism,” he told the audience, “the future belongs to you.”

Students were able to ask individual questions and even try out the skill of simultaneously listening to an interviewee, reading an autocue and also listening to a director’s instructions – not very easy! “That was really interesting,” said one sixth former, “I’d love to work in television, so to meet someone who is actually doing it is amazing.” Another added, “It looked a lot harder than I thought, but also as though it was a great career to pick if you want an exciting, varied life.”