Local Poet Challenges Year 9 English Students

 Local poet Mark Grist visited Jack Hunt on Tuesday 13th October to work with two groups of Year 9 students to create the world's most difficult type of poetry: the poetry of the Oulipo!  The key restriction of this art form being that they have to write a poem using only specific vowels.  For example, how do you ask for some bread from a shop without using the letter a?

The groups had to create a series of Lipograms without the most used vowels.  The students enjoyed the different tasks as each became trickier and trickier as the workshop went on.  They found the challenges really exciting and had to invent different ways of saying the simplest things; 'I had breakfast' without using an 'a' gradually became 'My morning dinner was digested.'


 The final challenge involved each group writing a 'Univocalism' – a story or a poem that only uses ONE vowel and must last for 30 seconds.

The winning entry used only 'o':

'My boss took my botox to borrow.

My botox don’t look too good on my boss;

Now my boss's gob looks soggy.

My boss took my monopoly too –

Boo hoo...'