#jhssecretreader 2016 Launches

We are delighted to launch 'Secret Reader 2016'.  We have today gifted a fantastic range of fiction books from leading authors to all our students, tailored for individual readers.  The books were handed out to every student in tutor time whilst they were introduced to the #JHSSecretReader incentive, giving every student the opportunity to win a Kindle Fire.

Students have been invited to show us the most unusual places they can find to read the new books they have been given for Christmas.  Photo entries should be either emailed to Mrs Treacy or posted on Twitter using the hashtag #jhssecretreader by February half term.

Congratulations to last year's winners Eleanor Mitchell and Abu Haraira Hussain, for choosing unusual places to be found reading.  Each won a Kindle Fire for their #JHSSecretReader entry. 

Abu was relaxing with his book while having his hair cut in a local barbers.  Eleanor, on the other hand, found her own very special spot to enjoy a good read.