Bidding Farewell to the Class of 2011

 On Friday 24 June we bid a fond farewell to our Year 11 students with a celebratory assembly led by Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Simpson-Holley and Head of House, Mr Blant. 

The light hearted assembly involved speeches, entertainment and plenty of prizes!  Ayesha Patel's performance of ‘Second Star on the Right’ from Peter Pan was greeted with rapturous applause and the Staff Choir performance this year was U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’, arranged by Mrs Sargent.

This year’s guest speaker was ex student and lecturer in journalism Samantha Pidoux who talked about some of her journey after she left Jack Hunt in 2000 giving Year 11 students encouragement for their future success, whatever they choose to do. 

 The annual staff film was a spoof of Channel 4’s ’24 hours in A&E” called “24 hours in AtoE”, a very light-hearted look at the emergency procedures and support used to help students to achieve their best possible grades!

Interspersed throughout the assembly were prize-winning opportunities for the Year 11 students in the raffle ticket draw.  Throughout the year students have earned raffle tickets for excellent attendance at both school and at extra study and revision sessions to recognise their commitment and hardwork.  Prizes on offer included an iPad Mini (the star prize) which was won by Kelsey Walton, Queensgate vouchers and Millie’s Cookies.  The winner of the prize donated by parents at the Year 11 Information Evening was Riwia Chetian.

The whole event was rounded off with a film showing highlights from the previous five years and a gift of a Year Book for every student.

 "We are incredibly proud of our Year 11 students," said Ms Simpson-Holley, "they have worked extremely hard and we hope they achieve the grades they deserve.  We would also like to take the opportunity to thank them for the role they have played in school throughout their time at Jack Hunt School. We are going to miss them.”

We wish all our Year 11 students the very best for their future whatever they chose to do and look forward to seeing some of them as they join us in the Sixth Form.

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