Year 10 Stock Market Challenge

All Year 10 Students at Jack Hunt School swapped the classroom for the trading floor to take part in the stock Market Challenge. Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it has even inspired some youngsters to pursue careers in finance.

The Stock Market Challenge simulates the experience of a live stock market trading floor to introduce young people to business, finance and enterprise.

Teams of pupils, taking the role of fund managers, trade in company stocks and foreign exchange just like brokers do on trading floors and on-line all over the world every day.

Students were given £100,000 to invest in a portfolio of companies, at the end of trading some students had made over £200,000 profit.

Through role-playing within a simulated work-based environment, pupils experience many aspects of business life during the activity:

Buying and selling stock and foreign currency;
Banking and basic accountancy;
Analysing information from news reports;
Learning how companies manage the media.

As well as learning about business and finance, the challenge helped further students’ enterprise education. It provided students with opportunities to handle uncertainty and respond positively to change, to create and implement ideas, and to make, and act upon, risk/reward assessments.

"It was an excellent event. Very energetic and motivational." Nooruz Zaman Curriculum Area Leader – Business and Enterprise

Comments from some of the students’ Evaluation Forms:

How would you describe your team’s performance and its approach to the activity? “Really well, we had a balanced argument whenever we were making a decision” – Kurvin Guiste

Was Stock Market Challenge what you expected it to be? If not, how was it different? “Yes, but I though it would be boring, but it was interesting” – Zaneera Ali

What did you enjoy most about the experience? “Deciding what to do and buy. Very interesting, met new people” – Sufiah Khalid.