Chinese Visitors - January 2009

Jack Hunt School hosted a visit from two staff, Ms Vivienne PenChinese visitors with Mr Game and Mr Howlett in the Art departmentg and Mr Hu from the Shanghai Gold Apple Bilingual School in China. The Gold Appple School and Jack Hunt have been linked together through the Dreams and Teams Project, which is organised by the British Council, supported by the Youth Sport Trust and partly sponsored by the Tiger Woods Charitable Foundation. Mr Duncan and Mr Game were fortunate to visit China in April 2008 and this was now the school's turn to be the hosts. 

The aim of the project is to make a sustainable link between the two schools. It is hoped the project will lead to greater communication between staff and students and there are plans to have exchange visits between students that will enhance language and cultural awareness in both schools. This will add to the many language initiatives that Jack Hunt has in place as part of its Language College status.

During their seven day visit Ms Peng and Mr Hu have observed and taken part in a number of lessons and visited Longthorpe Primary School where they attended a School Assembly which gave them the opportunity to meet with staff and students.

This was Ms Peng's and Mr Hu's first visit to the UK, during which they visited London, CChinese visitors in Cambridgeambridge and Stratford upon Avon which Ms Peng said she had enjoyed immensely and thought Cambridge was beautiful.

The visit has enabled Ms Peng and Mr Hu to be able to learn a great deal about education in the UK and Peterborough as a City and we are looking forward to establishing email links between groups of students and exchanging teaching and learning materials as the partnership develops.