Archaeology Dig

Paul Fowler, Alex Ford and Richard Blant took 8 Year 9 students to Castor in order to receive training in Archaeology. The course is run by Carenza Lewis who many of you might know from Time Team.

Richard Blant was in charge of taking the students to Cambridge University’s Archaeology department to receive training and guidance on how to organise a dig and manage a pit. On Days 2 and 3 Miss Ford and Mr Fowler accompanied the students to the dig where they were placed into teams with students from other schools.

In one pit students found evidence of a Roman villa with pieces of hypocaust and decorative wall plaster which was incredibly well preserved. In another pit they found an almost complete piece of pottery from the late Anglo-Saxon period.

Our students behaved fantastically and impressed Carenza Lewis with their positive attitude. They are now writing up their findings and will be sending them to the University to be appraised.

Paul Fowler