First Aid

The First Aid Room is not a sick bay and students who are genuinely unwell and cannot be treated in school may be sent home. If a student needs to go to the First Aid Room, staff are asked to provide a note (in their planner or separately) so the First Aiders know they have been sent by the teacher.

Students will only be allowed out of class when absolutely necessary. If it is considered appropriate a reliable person may accompany them to the First Aid Room.

If a student needs to be sent home by First Aid their parents will be contacted to collect them.

Only if students have a completed 'Administration of Paracetamol and Antihistamine Cream' form will they be allowed to have that medication provided by the school and only qualified First Aid staff will administer. Any Students who are on ‘other’ medication (except inhalers) must keep the medication in the First Aid room with a current, completed ‘Additional Medication Form’. Medicines will be kept locked in the First Aid Room cupboard.

Inhalers should be kept with students at all times and a spare one kept in First Aid Room for emergencies.

In a case of Serious Injury or Accident

Parents will be contacted and if necessary the student will be accompanied to hospital by an adult member of staff in the ambulance and remain with the student until parents arrive.

updated July 2015