Junior Athlete Education

Junior Athlete Education is a strategy we use to support our up and coming athletes in school.  There are the students who play sport to a high level and need to think about how they balance the demands of school, their sport and home life.





How it Works

JAE students will meet on a regular basis (facilitated by staff) to share experiences and ideas for coping and dealing with being a talented youg person.  Students will also be assigned a staff mentor if needed, to provide one to one support if and when necessary.

In meetings students will outline their priorities for sport and educations and look at how they will achieve these.  They will also look at managing ttraining of school work and planning ahead their competition schedule so that students can achieve in both sport and education.

Additional Support

Part of Junior Athlete Education at Jack Hunt School is to also inspire students to keep pushing to acheire their goals and to realise there will be many challenges to overcome.  To do this we regularly invite current and previous athletes to come and talk to students to give advice, support and encouragement.  examples of the athletes who have supported our Junior Athlete Education Programme and visited the school include:

Darren Campbell Athletics
Craig Heap Gymnastics
Louis smith Gymnastics
Miriam Batten Rowing
Karen Pickering Swimming
Nick Gillingham Swimming
Julz Adeniran Athletics
Ian Rose Paralympic Judo
Harriet Lee Paralympic Swimming
Matt Skelhon Paralympic shooting
Derek Redmond Athletics
Adam Murfett Water Skiing



In addition to this we have also run workshops for students and parents to support talented young people.  To date workshops we have run are:

- Supporting Parents

- Diet & Nutrition

- Dealing with Dehydration