Pledge Against Prejudice

“Don’t waste life on hatred”

The ‘Pledge against Prejudice’ movement is a combined student / teacher initiative that strives and aspires to create a harmonious and communal environment for its staff, students and local community.

With our own microcosm of society, Jack Hunt is a uniquely diverse school and is bursting with a beautiful array of languages, traditions, cultures, ethnicities and nationalities – every corner of the world on your doorstep. This has encouraged the school to celebrate diversity and promote the acceptance of difference, whilst remembering to embrace our own culture and heritage.

Where did the Pledge come from?

 Ian Davison makes his mark on the Pledge’s first event ‘All hands on deck’ where people pledged to stop discrimination (2010)

 Students showcase their talents in ‘An evening of expression’ celebrating our freedom to express ourselves without fear (2012)

 Our most recent Project ‘Pledge warriors’; a unity programme designed for local primary schools (2013)


The campaign was instigated by Mr Davison and two student ambassadors Sam Tuck and Ayisha Mahmood after taking part in a project called Lessons From Auschwitz. Led by the Holocaust Educational Trust the project gives students across the country to attend seminars and visit numerous Auschwitz sites over a 24 hour trip. The trip has been described as ‘rewarding’ and ‘life changing’, inspiring our students to make a difference in their local community, thus ‘The Pledge against Prejudice ‘campaign was conceived.


Since then we have seen new students participate annually becoming ambassadors for the Pledge team, made up of students from all ages. The team raises money for charity, promote anti-prejudice views and holds numerous exciting events including concerts, fundraisers and exhibitions.


The team also work close alongside big organisations such as aforementioned The Holocaust Educational Trust, Lessons from Auschwitz Project as well as major charity, Aegis Trust. We are committed to bringing about change to not only our own small community, but a change to the wider, local and even national community but above all, we are dedicated and passionate about working together towards a brighter and more peaceful future.  


Embrace what you believe and join the Pledge today, to make our dream future reality.