The R.A.Y.L.A Programme “Do what is right, not what is easy”

The Restorative Approaches Young Leaders Award is a Jack Hunt initiated programme that seeks to train our students in Restorative practice and ideals. It is centred on the principal of building healthy communities, decreasing antisocial behavior, repairing harm and restoring relationships. Restorative techniques, frequently used in Jack Hunt, include Circle Time, Restorative sessions and A Moment in Time to name a few, that all focus on bringing students / staff together to discuss problems, finding solutions to conflict in a peaceful way.

One of our greatest success stories is from the early 2000’s where two groups of students were involved in frequent racial conflict. The students participated in, what was called, a ‘Unity Project’ that promoted and encouraged all the same behaviors as R.A.Y.L.A. Weeks later and the groups had learnt to respect one another and found peace: no further incidents occurred.

The training is available for all students who gradually work their way up our 4 tier award system starting from Bronze and ending at Platinum. Students are asked to complete numerous tasks; the lower level assignments including joining a Restorative project or holding a mini training session for their form and higher levels including volunteering with our SSO’s or taking an IGCSE course in Restorative Training. Students can also be awarded Diamond: this is given out when a student exemplifies extreme Restorative behavior in daily life or situations of conflict. For example, a Yr 7 student handed in money that he found on the floor in school, insisting that he didn’t want that person to worry about losing their money.

The restorative team believes that this is an excellent attribute to the Restorative movement. It develops leadership, responsibility and empathy in students of all ages. It qualifies them with skills that will benefit them in numerous areas; day to day life at school, career choices, family life, parenthood… There is no better time than today to let our students know what good they can do in the world. Leadership is earned by example and our students are ready to take that first step.