School Priorities

Each year the school reviews and evaluates its progress against a wide range of indicators before setting priorities for future improvement. In 2011 the School Governors and Leaders worked with Professor Brent Davies on ‘Futures thinking and strategic processes’. As a consequence school planning centres on Strategic Intents. 

In July 2011 six strategic intents were established following consultation with Team Leaders, Extended SLT, Governors and staff.  These were reviewed by the Senior Team and staff in June 2012 and amendments made to the short to medium term intents.  These are in italics below.  These were approved by the Full Governing Body in July 2012.  There were no changes to the longer term intents.

The first two School intents are the key priorities all the school is focusing on 2012-2013 to impact in the short term but also to generate a sustainable long term change.

1.    Outstanding or good learning and teaching, as seen through behaviour for learning, learning episodes and progress over time, is embedded as the default position so that the attainment achieved by the school is above target for all groups.

2.    A culture of leadership, responsibility and accountability for learning and standards at all levels within the school is established, embedded and developed.

Future thinking intents which are being developed over the longer term.

3.    Jack Hunt is the hub of learning for the local area serving the needs of our local community, primary schools and families.

4.    The school caters for the diverse needs of students to enable them to achieve success.

5.    A state of the art, learning friendly facility is created by imaginative use of our current and future budgets.

6.    Reacting positively and imaginatively to budget constraints to ensure best value is achieved and opportunities for income generation are established.

A ‘Raising Attainment Actions and Impact’ document for Intents 1 and 2 sits under the six Strategic Intents as does a separate KS3 Raising Attainment Plan and various Intervention Plans. Each Curriculum Area, House and the 6th Form have their own Raising Attainment Plans which are linked to the Strategic Intents. 

updated March 2014