The Silver Award is open to students from Year 11 . The structure of the Award is the same as Bronze but with a longer time commitment for some of the sections. Students can carry on activities from their Bronze award but are also encouraged to try something new, particularly if they are starting to think more deeply about what they will do in their future.

A Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award programme also has four sections, Volunteering, Skills, Physical and Expedition. Students need to do at least six months Volunteering. For Skills and Physical, they must choose which section they want to spend six months doing, and which section three months.

As with Bronze, the expedition section is delivered by the school expedition team. Silver practice expeditions take place in September each year once the students have signed up for the Silver Award, and qualifying expeditions take place at the end of the academic year (July), once our students have completed all their GCSE exams. 

Our expedition locations:

Practice - Wing, Rutland

Qualifying (Assessment) - Peak District (White Peaks - Hulme-end)

All students are expected to manage their DofE participation by regular use of their eDofE account with the support of their DofE Leader, Mr O'Connor.