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Student Firefly

 Click the headings below to find out more about the Firefly system!

Logging into firefly

As a student of Jack Hunt School, you will have access to our Virtual learning Environment, Firefly. This system lets you access your work and tasks, attendance, reports and more both inside and outside of school.  To sign in to this system, click on the Firefly tab on the right side of the webpage image, or go to Then click on the JHS Students and Staff button on the right-hand side. Finally use your school email address and your normal school password. All done!

If there are any issues logging into Firefly, contact your teacher or the school I.T department. 

the firefly homepage

The Firefly homepage has a few main places of interest. At the top of the page there is a dashboard button which takes you to this homepage, a resources' area where teachers have large amounts of information stored for students to access for each subject, the planner which shows you your personal timetable, the tasks tab for your homework/classwork and a personal pages option for anything you want to store or create on the system.

completing homework and classwork

Once you've clicked on a task from the homepage or the tasks screen, there will be a page set up by your class teacher which tells you all the information you need to know. You can then complete a piece of work and hand it in by using the "send a file" button if the task requires one. When you have finished your task, click the "mark as done" button to tell your teacher you're finished, and remove the task from your list of things to do.