Chicken Watch 2015

Thanks for watching our Live Chicken Watch Event.  We really enjoyed watching the chicks from the Happy Chick Company hatch, thrive and grow on our live video stream.  The event is now over but this video shows the moment one of our Chicks hatched.

  • Flying the Nest!

    Posted: 26/06/15

    This morning our happy band of Chicks along with all the equipment were collected from school.  It's been an amazing experience for us to have these lovely creatures at school.  So many of our students have had a chance to meet them and bond with them and it's been great to show them how they develop in such a short space of time.  We hope you've enjoyed watching with us.  

    The chicks will now be rehomed where they will be well looked after and have lots of outdoor space to spread their wings and grow.

  • Getting bigger!

    Posted: 25/06/15

    Deciding where THEY want to go.

    It's amazing to see how much the chicks have grown over the last week. They are all a week old and  whilst some will still happily doze in your hands, most are wanting to explore and decide themselves where they want to perch. They love being together and cuddling up with each other to keep warm.

    The food bowl does not stay full very much and obviously what goes in, needs to come out too, and they need regular clean bedding to stop them from becoming smelly.

    I'm sad to say that the chicks will be going back to The Happy Chick Company tomorrow so that they can be relocated at a local farm to grow into happy hens and roosters, and hopefully lay more eggs for schools to enjoy.

  • Besotted!

    Posted: 24/06/15

    We're off to see the chickies.........

    The chicks are growing fast. Yellow fluff is being replaced by young feathers. They are pretty noisy too! We now have them separated in two rooms because they are so noisy. Lots of 6th formers have been down already this morning, and I can guarantee Mr Ward will be winging his way over to see them very soon!

  • Visitors

    Posted: 23/06/15

    Obsessed or what!

    The chicks are growing fast. They are beginning to show signs of feather growth on their wings and tails. They are also becoming quite feisty and inquisitive in things around them.

    Lots of people, both staff and students, have been to see the chicks. But their most ardent admirer is Mr Ward from the English Department who sneaks over as often as he can.

  • They're back, Holiday Egg-scapes!

    Posted: 22/06/15

    The chicks have returned from their 5* weekend break. As we had so many chicks this year (14! ) they went to two different resorts - Casa Cliffe and Elkins Coast. 

    We still need names for the chicks though! We have had some names suggested - Eggbert, Cracker and Nugget but we need more. Please send your ideas to either myself or Mrs Larrington .

    There has been lots of visitors to see the chicks, especially 6th formers, who are at this moment lolling around the room with chicks running everywhere!! 

  • Overrun by chicks!

    Posted: 18/06/15

    And now there are ........ 14

    Yes, the disco during the night obviously worked. We now have 14 chicks hopping around. It got quite full in the incubator so we have had to transfer some of the older chicks into heated runs to give more space to the newer chicks. We still have 2 more eggs to hatch though. 

    Watch our video clip of one of the chicks actually hatching.....

  • More!

    Posted: 17/06/15

    ...and then there were four!

    It's 8-50pm and within the last hour plucky chick number five has broken free from its egg. We have left one of the sensory lights on in the room so as not to disturb the chicks too much, however, it looks like there is a disco going on in the incubator tonight! Boogie Chickenland!!

  • We have three!

    Posted: 17/06/15

    He has friends!

    It's 7-50pm and I have just put the Chickenwatch LiveCam on, and I am pleased to announce that we now have three chicks! Our lonely little chick finally has fiends - we were feeling quite sorry for the little chap. There were signs of movement from five eggs when I left school this afternoon. I'm hoping that we may have some more hatchings overnight...........hatch-tag getting egg-cited!:)

  • We've got a chick!

    Posted: 17/06/15
    Chick number 1!
  • They're here!

    Posted: 16/06/15
    We have had a delivery!

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