Around the World in 30 Minutes!

On Tuesday 4 April, the School’s 6 annual Language and Culture day took place and was again a huge success. The main hall was buzzing with keen and excited students learning about different cultures and languages. Eighty-one of our dedicated students worked extremely hard to produce language and cultural displays celebratin language and culture.  They ran language and food tasters and various competitions for other students, parents and people from the local community.

The audience commended the effort of our students, commenting on the vast amounts they had learnt about the many different languages and cultures that were showcased. Mr Barwise (Assistant Head) decided that all the stalls presented were “winners” and thus all eighty-one students involved will receive certificates and house points for their participation. The overall winners were the Pakistan stall coming in first place, Portugal second, Poland and Italy joint third.

Riya Kumar and Afshah Shahid representing the Indian stall said “We really enjoyed the Language and Cultural day. It gave us a chance to present the Indian culture and an opportunity to work with others. We learnt a lot about different countries and their culture. We build up leadership skills, teamwork and organisation skills. Language and Culture day made us more determined to be the best group. We are looking forward to doing it again next year. Thanks for the opportunity!”

Sana Shabir, representing the Japanese stall, commented “Thank you for the great experience on Language and Culture Day.  I had the opportunity to be independent and guide a group working together for me and my classmates to experience and learn about other cultures. We all did research and worked hard on the roles we chose, therefore, our stall got quite popular with the Year 7s. It made me happy to see people want to discover more things. It wasn't all too serious, we all got to enjoy and have fun and learn responsibility.  If this opportunity ever came again I would gladly participate.“

Ms S Hayat & Mr M Nawaz

International Education Coordinator  - Deputy CAL MFL

From left to right: Poland 3rd, Portugal 2nd, Pakistan 1st.