Inspiring Year 4's

A group of year 4 pupils were hosted by the Jack Hunt School science department for a day of scientific discovery. The pupils from LongThorpe primary school had been learning about the digestive system in their science lessons and were offered the opportunity to come and get involved in some practical experiments to support what they’d already learned. These experiments included studies into how bacteria multiply, how the digestive system works and most importantly for them, seeing how flammable Methane gas is.


They used a variety of equipment to simulate how the digestive system works, from tubes showing how food passes through the body, to filters showing how all the “good bits” in food are separated. The staff also showed the pupils what happened when you introduced methane gas to a flame, with fiery results. A member of staff scooped up a handful of methane gas bubbles from a beaker they were using and set them ablaze right in her hands.

The LongThorpe pupils thanked all the staff involved from both schools for giving them the opportunity to take part in this scientific day to remember.

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