2017 GCSE Results

Jack Hunt students overjoyed with improved results, despite tougher exams

Although there have been major changes to the English and Mathematics GCSEs to increase their rigour, Jack Hunt School is thrilled that their students have seen improved results overall. This is the first year of the new GCSEs in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics.  These two subjects are now graded on a scale of 9-1 and have a more demanding and much wider subject content.  They are also now assessed only by exams taken at the end of the course.  Other subjects retain the A*-G grades for this year.

Headteacher Mrs Kilbey said, We are absolutely delighted with the results achieved by our students this year. Despite the much tougher examinations in English and Mathematics we have increased our English and Mathematics combined percentage to achieve a figure of 58%. We are especially proud of the way our students have responded to the increased challenges they faced this year.

The really pleasing results across the school indicate that we should also continue our trend of extremely good progress made by our students from Year 7 to Year 11.”

Extremely impressive results were obtained by the following students:

Katie Prange with 6 A* grades, 2 grade 9s (the new A**) and 1 grade 8 (A*);
Wing Hei Hung with 5 A* grades, 2 A grades, 1 grade 9, 1 grade 8 and 1 grade 7 (A);
Francine Kelly with 4 A* grades, 2 A grades, 1 grade 9 and 2 grade 8s;
Ellie Piccaver with 4 A* grades, 2 A grades; 1 grade 8, 1 grade 7 and 1 grade 6;
Charlotte Williams with 3 A* grades, 3 A grades and 3 grade 8s;
Tayyab Subhaan with 3 A* grades, 4 A grades and 3 grade 7s;
Zoheb Hussain with 3 A* grades, 3 A grades, 1 grade 8, 1 grade 7 and 1 grade 6;
and John Ochube with 1 A* grade, 5 A grades, 1 grade 9 and 2 grade 8s.

Other exceptional results included Hasnain Ali, Safwan Chowdhury, Sudin Khatiwada and Santosh Thapa who all achieved a grade 9 in Maths as well as Rimsha Malik who achieved a grade 9 in English Literature and Sadia Nadeem who achieved grade 9s in both English Language and Literature.

A huge thank you for all the hard work and relentless dedication that is given to students at Jack Hunt School by the entire staff body and to all our parents for their continued support.