Peterborough Keys Academies Trust

We are delighted to announce that our 5 schools, Jack Hunt School, Longthorpe Primary School, Middleton Primary School, Ravensthorpe Primary School and Thorpe Primary School, converted to form a Multi-Academy Trust, the Peterborough Keys Academies Trust (PKAT), on 1 April 2018. 
Below are the details of the Members of PKAT and after their first meeting in the new term, where they will officially appoint the Trustees of PKAT, we will send you the details of the Trustees also. In addition, we have included the Goals and Principles of our Trust, which were agreed in a combined meeting of the Senior Leadership Teams from all 5 schools some time ago. 
Appointments to PKAT include: Pamela Kilbey, Headteacher of Jack Hunt School as Chief Executive Officer of the Trust for 2 days a week; Martin Fry, Headteacher of Ravensthorpe Primary School, as Primary Lead Headteacher for 1 day a week; Matthew Deere, Business Manager of Jack Hunt School as the Strategic Business Manager for the Trust for 2 days a week; Deborah Keith, Finance Manager of Jack Hunt School, as the Chief Finance Officer for the Trust for 1 day a week; and Joanne Rotondo, as Company Secretary/Clerk to the Trustees for 2 days a week.
Although the actual conversion occurred in the holidays we do want to celebrate the fact that we have all become one organisation. For all our children we wanted to have an event that is motivational and shows them that they are part of a group of schools that can be the best in the world. Consequently, we have been researching a record we could break and be recognised as such by the Guinness Book of Records. As the first event of this kind, we have therefore decided that in September when the new academic year starts, representatives from the 5 schools who have won their respective heats, will be taking part in an attempt to beat the world indoor record for the most number of runners to complete 100 metres in one hour. Those taking part have to run it as a relay, and to break the record they will all have to run the 100 metres in less than 20 seconds.
We have been working towards this conversion for a long time and despite all the difficulties encountered during the process, we have remained convinced of the reasons for joining together and we are genuinely excited by the difference we can make to all the children in our care, and all that we can learn from each other. 


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