Year 11 Information

To all Parents of Year 11!

The following information is designed to help you support your child as they prepare for GCSEs in 2021. Please take a look at the presentation and newsletters that summarise a few ideas that might help you at home and the subject specific materials below.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch by email or phone and we will do our very best to help, Ms Simpson-Holley and Mr Blant.

(The above window is the file "Presentation for Y11 Parents" as available below)

  1. Presentation for Y11 Parents
  2. Newsletter for Y11 Parents
  3. Relaxation Newsletter for Y11 Parents
  4. Computer Science Curriculum sheet Y11
  5. Drama Y11
  6. Fine Art and Graphics Y11
  7. Geography GCSE Handout Y11
  8. HSC Year 11 Leaflet
  9. MFL Curriculum Sheet - Year 11 Firefly
  10. Revision Planner Y11
  11. Y11 Info for Parents - Citizenship PDE
  12. Y11 Info for Parents - D&T
  13. Y11 Info for Parents - Maths
  14. Y11 Info for Parents - PE & Sport
  15. Year 11 Ancient History Handout
  16. Year 11 History Handout
  17. Year 11 Science Information 2020
  18. Yr11 English handout for parents
  19. Year 11 Music
  20. Year 11 RPE Curriculum Sheet
  21. Year 11 Sociology Info
  22. y11 info BTEC business
  23. y11 info GCSE business (002)