Jack Hunt Celebrates Inter Faith Week

“We have far more in common with each ​other than that which divides us.”  MP, Jo Cox

The nationally marked Interfaith Week (IFW) was celebrated in school through tutor resources, assemblies, quizzes, a whole school competition and a special menu served in the dining hall.

Interfaith Week

Interfaith Week aims to enables us to focus on the idea that cooperation and understanding are vital in our increasingly diverse society. ​ It helps strengthen relationships and understanding between people of different faiths (or no faith) and beliefs. ​ It involves thousands of people many of whom have never had the opportunity to encounter faith before. ​ It increases public awareness of the diversity of faith communities in the UK, and celebrates their contribution to society. ​

This year’s IFW resources focused on the main tenets of faith systems, where students were encouraged to reflect on the Golden Rules of the prevalent faiths/no faith; our PKAT values of personal best, learning, community, opportunity and leadership in line with their own world views. Students were encouraged to reflect on their own Golden Rules of life and their personal values.

The IFW competition was based on former Member of Parliament, Jo Cox’s statement, i.e. “We have far more in common with each ​other than that which divides us.”  Students were set a task to create a piece of work that shows what unites humanity, what brings us together, joins humans as one, and expresses our harmony in line with our PKAT values and the school culture. From the 47 competition entries, Ibrahim Malas received the wining prize, a £25 Queensgate gift card. The entries showed an array of talent, where students demonstrated their creativity in the form of art, music, research, presentations, and poems.

All students received a certificate of participation, a Fairtrade bar of chocolate, and a Head Teacher’s award, giving them an additional 10 positive points!

The IFW entries can be viewed here:

To view the submissions as a PDF, please click here 

Ms S Hussain

International Education Coordinator