Primary Potions & Rainbow Sugar

 Last Wednesday afternoon, we welcomed 60 Year 4 pupils from Highlees Primary School who had come in as part of their ‘potions’ topic to find out more about working in a Science Lab and to have some fun carrying out some experiments.  The session started with Jack Hunt science teachers Mrs England, Mr McAlpine and Miss Ward, creating smoky potions with coloured water and a secret ingredient!!!  Armed with protective googles and working in pairs, the pupils went on to do more experiments including making a ball from PVA Glue and liquid Borax and creating a sugar density rainbow using sugar water and colouring.  Mrs England ended her session with the students lighting gas bubbles as they floated to the ceiling which was greeted with lots of ‘oohs’ from the children.

 Mrs Holdenby, from Highless said, “The children are absolutely loving it – it would be great to do more of this.  We don’t want to leave.”

Each child was given a sheet of paper and after each experiment had to describe in a few words what they thought, saw or felt during that experiment.  Mrs England said “The children were very polite, enthusiastic, well behaved and followed instructions very well.  It is always fun sharing my enthusiasm for science with younger students and I really enjoy these sessions.”