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Intermediate and Team Maths Challenges

Student Success at Intermediate and Team Maths Challenges

United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) hosted their annual Team Maths Challenge on Thursday 8 May 2018 at The King’s School. This challenge was open to Year 8 and Year 9 students across the country, however only 2 students per school, per year were allowed to participate.

Although the challenge is Nationwide, the students that entered it were under put into the Cambridgeshire Region of the challenge along with other schools in the area. After a lot of hard work, the Jack Hunt School team made it into the Regional Finals, well done to all the members of our team:

Kashaf Anwar – Year 9

Sarmed Chaudhry  - Year 9

Lena Ambicka – Year 8

Jheanelle Fabian – Year 8

On top of the team challenge, some of our students also registered to take part take in the Intermediate Maths Challenge. 

We are very proud of all of our students, 15 of them even went on to achieve special acolades:

Peter Whyman            Year 11            Gold     Best in Year

Sarmed Chaudhry       Year 9              Gold     Best in School, Best in Year


Jonah Denny              Year 11            Silver  

Gurveena Jassar         Year 11            Silver 

Shuib Nadeem            Year 10            Silver   Best in Year

Natasha Ahmed          Year 10            Silver  

James Baker              Year 10            Silver  

Joel Bough                 Year 10            Silver  

Sadaaqat Ali              Year 9              Silver


Alfie Eager                Year 10            Bronze

Katie Metharam         Year 10            Bronze

Kashaf Anwar            Year 9              Bronze

Samia Iqbal               Year 9              Bronze

Richard Kaseta           Year 9              Bronze

Harjeet Kaur              Year 9              Bronze


Out of these 15, three of the students also qualified and moved on in the challenge further by participating in the "Intermediate Kangaroo Challenge" which took place in Jack Hunt on Thursday 15 March 2018. These students were:

Peter Whyman

Sarmed Chaudhry

Sadaaqat Ali

Well done to all of the students who have represented the school in the different Maths Challenges.