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100% Attendance Award

Khubaib Mahmood, Year 11, wins award for attendance.

Each half term, students who have attended school, on time, every single day, are awarded 25 positive points along with an entry into a prize draw to win £25 worth of restaurant vouchers.

This half terms winner is Khubaib Mahmood, Year 11, who achieved his award, despite the challenges of year 11 GCSE exams, not only has Khubaib achieved 100% for this last half term but also for the whole of year 11

Positive attendance and punctuality at school remains a high priority at Jack Hunt School, and we reinforce the ethos of good attendance with rewards, one of which is for our students with 100% attendance.

The award is sponsored by recruitment agency, Vision for Education. Louise Butterworth, Assistant Branch Manager for Peterborough, presented Khubaib with his voucher, and said: “We are committed to helping schools improve and promote good attendance, as going to school every day and arriving on time is one of the most important things students can do to achieve academic success.”

100% attendance really is an incredible achievement, especially given the many obstacles students have to overcome to attend school regularly.

Congratulations to all 386 students at Jack Hunt who successfully achieved 100% attendance throughout the first half of the summer term.