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Jack Hunt School does Masterchef

Jack Hunt School’s very own MasterChef style cooking challenge was held in school on Wednesday 20 June 2018

Jack Hunt School’s very own MasterChef style cooking challenge was held in school on Wednesday 20 June 2018, organised by Ms Hayat.

A group of selected Year 10 students were involved in creating and serving a feast of Eastern dishes to the Head of Houses, Student Support Officers and the Senior Leadership Team. The game-like atmosphere in the room pushed these 11 students to their limits! All of whom rose to the challenge, demonstrating excellent resilience and perseverance.

Led by Head Chef Mr Nawaz, the students created and served some mouthwatering dishes, Peshawari Namak Mandi Lamb Kharahi, Aurbergine Masala, Chicken Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chana (Chick Peas) Curry and Red Kidney Beans Masalah Served With Nan Bread, Fresh Punjabi Salad and Raita.

Mr Nawaz shared his culinary expertise through cooking demonstrations and a question and answers session during the event. Students were put into groups, given a set of ingredients and instructions. They received technical and moral support from Mrs Hansraj, Teaching Assistant and Mrs Chaudary, Voluntary Language Assistant during the day.

The learning outcomes for the event include some of the following:

·         Essential life skills, namely, cooking well and healthy

·         Presentation and hospitality skills

·         Additional cross-curricular skills including math skills, oral communication, and following directions

·         Working with a team

·         Tolerance for frustration

·         Sense of achievement


Although ranking the dishes in terms of presentation and skills was almost impossible for our Curriculum leader for Design and Technology Mrs Outar, she awarded:

1st: Chicken Fried Rice, Chana Curry and Punjabi Salad


2nd: Aubergine Masalah and Red Kidney Beans


3rd: Peshawari Namak Mandi Lamb Kharahi and Chana Curry


4th: Sweet and Sour Chicken and Red Kidney Beans

Miss Ford commented “Jack Hunt School’s MasterChef 2018 has been a huge success, students have enjoyed the day and have developed vital life skills”.

Ms Hayat & Mr Nawaz