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Donation of Classical Books

Large collection of classical leather bound books donated to Jack Hunt School

Jack Hunt School has received an incredibly generous donation in the form of a collection of high quality classical books. After inheriting this set of over 70 books from grandparents, Mr and Mrs Gascoyne decided to pass the books on to a new home.

Maryam Khan in Year 12 suggested that they could be kept as a set in the English Department, where they can be looked after and enjoyed for many years to come. Mrs Gascoyne was happy that the collection of books could be given to our school to be both cared for and used as a resource.

Some of the titles in this collection include such classics as "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë, "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell and "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens.

Staff and Students wasted no time in turning these into a learning resource. Students throughout Key Stage 3 have been using them as part of a project, exploring the works of William Shakespeare and discussing how they can be used to develop their own writing using higher level vocabulary.

Dave Ward, Acting Curriculum Area Leader for English, commented ‘This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to work with original copies of classic fiction. There is nothing like the feel of leather books to support students learning.’

Everyone at Jack Hunt School would like to extend our thanks to Mr and Mrs Gascoyne for their generous donation, which will give both staff and students the opportunity learn more using these beautiful examples of classical literature.