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Pakistan Day 2021

Jack Hunt School celebrated Pakistan day on 23rd March

Pakistan Day holds great importance for many Pakistanis. On 23rd March 1940 it was agreed that Indian Muslims would have their own homeland i.e. Pakistan. Pakistanis globally continue to celebrate their achievements on attaining Pakistan.  

We celebrated our eleventh Pakistan Day in our usual Jack Hunt School style on Tuesday 23rd March The dining hall was bustling with colour and aromatic scents of Pakistani cuisine. Our head chef prepared a mouth-watering Pakistani menu consisting of samosas, tandoori chicken, pilau rice, naan, chicken tikka masala and tarka daal.

Posters around school highlighted facts, people, places and foods prevalent in Pakistan, including the all-time legendary singer Malika Taranum Noor Jahan and the achievements of Benazir Bhutto, the first female President of Pakistan.

Tutor time was dedicated to the learning of Pakistan. Various interesting facts and details were relayed with the focus being the impressive contributions of local Pakistanis.

Urdu lessons delivered by Mr Nawaz and Mr Ali were dedicated to the learning of both past and modern Pakistan with every lesson starting with the Pakistani National anthem and Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s very famous poem, Dua. Students participated in a fun quiz and watched various cultural clips including national songs. Students were tasked to translate the lyrics into English. The lessons were very much enjoyed by students, one of whom commented on how much he had learnt about his ethnic heritage. Furthermore, his Excellency, Pakistan High Commissioner announced winners of the national Urdu essay competition in which two of our students attained 1st and 10th place respectively.

Year 8 RPE lessons on Sikhism covered the formation of the Khalsa, the Indian Punjab and the struggles in gaining independence. This was very well received by students leading to interesting discussions and sharing of personal family accounts by RE teacher Ms Hussain.

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