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JHS Celebrates Diwali

JHS celebrated Diwali on the 13 November

Approximately 3% of their students identify as Hindus and Sikhs and Diwali will be celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs globally on Sunday, 12th November to 16th November 2023.

Ms Sidra Hussain, Teacher of ICT, Computer Science and RPE International Education Coordinator said:We marked Diwali at Jack Hunt School on November 13th through specific learning about the cultural significance of the Diwali Festival and about the Hindu’ beliefs and practices and there will be a special menu served in the dining halls.”

As the International Education Coordinator, Ms. Hussain emphasized the importance of such celebrations in a school setting. "Our goal is to create an inclusive environment that celebrates the diverse backgrounds of our students. Diwali provides a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and learning," she remarked.

The school's commitment to fostering cultural awareness extended beyond the classroom, with a special Diwali menu served in the dining halls. This culinary gesture added a sensory dimension to the celebration, allowing the entire school community to savour the flavours associated with Diwali and creating a festive atmosphere throughout.